Another good indicator of how well the vehicle was cared for is the condition of the vehicle interior. Compare the wear of the driver’s seat and the brake pedal with the mileage. If the seat or pedal are worn in excess of the mileage, the mileage may have been rolled back. This can be checked with a car history report free vin number Whatever you do, don’t let anyone pressure you into making a quick decision, especially a private seller. If you hear something like “I already have someone else who’s willing to give me a down payment” let the car go. Stick to your guns, and your budget. If you don’t get this car it wasn’t meant to be and there will always be another, and better one.
Free vin number history lookup report PDF for 1982 - Subaru - Brat - JF2AT52B0CD541863

Free vin number history lookup report PDF for 1982 - Subaru - Brat - JF2AT52B0CD541863 is available

VIN number:  JF2AT52B0CD541863 Engine:   1.8L H4 SOHC
Vehicle name:   1982 Subaru Brat Vehicle Trim:  null
Free vin number history lookup report PDF for 1982 - Subaru - Brat - JF2AT52B0CD541863 is available
Manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Make Subaru
Model Year 1982
Model Brat
Engine Series B4, 1.8L (1781 cc); SOHC
Engine Capacity 90-115HP
Fuel Type Gasoline
Vehicle Type Pickup Truck
Drive Line Type 4WD
GVWR Class Class B: 3,001-4,000 lb
Country Japan
Assy. Plant Gunma
Body Type 2 Door Regular Cab
Restraint System Active Belts
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Vehicle Parts:
Product Type Application Comment OEM Part Number Gates Part Number
Coolant Hose
Cooling System
Molded Heater Hose Eng. To Eng. - - 18103
Molded Heater Hose Heater To Pipe-1 - - 18772
Molded Heater Hose Heater To Pipe-2 - - 18772
Flexible Coolant Hose (Standard) Lower - - 25152
Molded Coolant Hose Lower - - 20952
Molded Heater Hose Pipe-1 To Eng. - - 18799
Molded Heater Hose Pipe-1 To Pipe-3 - - 18772
90? Molded Heater Hose Pipe-3 To W.P. - - 28466
Flexible Coolant Hose (Standard) Upper - - 25157
Molded Coolant Hose Upper - - 21234
Front End Accessory Drive Components
Belt Drive System
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) A.C. W/Sankyo A.C. Compr. - 9500
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) A.C. W/Hitachi A.C. Compr. - 9540
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) P.S. - - 9490
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) W.P. & Alt. - - 7355
Fuel Caps & Testers
Fuel System
OE Equivalent Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31723
Regular Locking Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31671
Fuel Cap/System Tester Adapter Fuel Cap Tester Adapter - - 12403
Oil Caps
Oil & Lubrication System
Oil Filler Cap Oil Filler Cap - - 31108
Radiator Caps & Testers
Cooling System
Radiator Cap/Cooling System Tester Adapter Cap Adapter - - 31413
OE Type Radiator Cap Radiator Cap - - 31527
Safety Release Radiator Cap Radiator Cap - - 31511
Thermostats, Seals & Gaskets
OE Type Thermostat Thermostat - - 33478
OE Type Thermostat Thermostat - - 33479
Premium Thermostat Thermostat - - 33478S
Premium Thermostat Thermostat - - 33479S
Thermostat Gasket Thermostat Gasket - - 33644
Water Pumps & Components
Water Pump (Standard) Water Pump - - 42203